Rescue 3 Europe – Whitewater Rescue

We at Arctic Canoe Route have been spending the weekend on the Muonio river together with Lapin Koskikoulu practicing whitewater resucing. 11 new students are now examined as Whitewater Rescue Technicians trough Rescue 3 Europe.

We do really recomend a resuce course trough Rescue 3 for everyone living or moving close to Whitewater and want to learn about river hydrology and hazards in river, but also of course get the knowledge about how to help your self or your friends if something would happend

Whitewater Rescue Course

For us at Arctic Canoe Route saftey is nr 1 on all our trips on the rivers, we have therefore now decided to run a river rescue course together with Lapin Koskikoulu that will take place 11-12/8 at the village of Muonionalusta ( just south of Muonio on the swedish side of the border )

“This 2 day river rescue course is ideal for Kayakers,Rafters, packrafters, canoeist & fishermen who spend their spare time in or around whitewater. This Practical course will teach the students the basic principles of whitewater safety & rescue. the full syllabus can be found here…/whitewater-rescue-technicia…
All students must be over 18 years old and be able to swim.
Accommodation can be provided at extra cost.
All students will need to provide there own wetsuit or drysuit.
The course will be taught in English.
Cost €250 per person this includes rescue 3 teaching pack
For More information or bookings please contact:”

There will after the course (13/8) be a free guided kayak/canoe tour arranged by as at Arctic Canoe Route on some of the waters around Muonio, we will decide a exact location depending on the group.

For booking please contact
For information about transports and accomondation and all other necsessary inforamtion dont hesitate to contact us at Arctic Canoe Route trough our contact formular or

There will also be possibility to rent Canoes and Kayaks during your stay.

The rivers are opening

The winter is slowly starting to release it’s grip of the nature in Lapland and the Arctic Canoe Route. Usuauly the ice starts to break also along the calm parts of the rivers at this time of year however it seems as the winter will keep us in it’s grip a couple of weeks longer this year.