Happy easter from the frozen rivers!

The rivers that we follow are still completly frozen, at this time of the year we use the rivers for skiing instead of paddling 

The ice will start to break in the begining of May in the south parts of the Arctic Canoe Route however the ice stays usualy until June in the northern parts of the route.

With this post we also want to wish you all a wounderful easter and hope you all have a great spring wherever you are!

First days at Explore Outdoors

Arctic Canoe Route at Explore Outdoors

The second day at Explore Outdoors are now going on. First of all we want to thank everyone who has been visiting us during the first two days! If you havent been to us yet then please come and visit us at B03:24 and talk about paddling and the Arctic Canoe Route!

More then just paddling

Paddling is of course a main part of Arctic Canoe Route, however food is a another very important part during our tours.
Arctic Canoe Route is following one of the cleanest rivers in Europe and also one of the best rivers for fishin with high amount of for exampel salmon rising up each summer.
We are therefore trying to live of the nature as much as we can during our tours. Nothing is better then a fish caught and grilled at the shore or just a cup of coffe made directly from the water in the river.

Last touches on the pictures for Explore Outdoors

We are puting the finish touche on the pictures for the upcoming Explore Outdoos fair that we will attend 9-11/3 in Stockholm.
We know of course that the most of you following us here dosent have the possibility to visit us at the fair so here is for you all some pictures from the Arctic Canoe Route that you can have a look on and dream of some amazing paddling in Lapland and along the Arctic Canoe Route! 

For you all who will attend the Explore Outdoors fair, see you at B03:24!

K2 along the Arctic Canoe Route
K2 along the Arctic Canoe Route
Midgnight sun along the Arctic Canoe Route
Group paddeling along the Arctic Canoe Route
Kayaking Arctic Canoe Route
Midgnight sun along the Arctic Canoe Route
Rapids Arctic Canoe Route

Explore Outdoors

Arctic Canoe Route will during 9-11 march have a fair stand during the Explore Outdoor fair in Stockholm. Be sure to pass by if you are in Stockholm during the weekend!
You will find us in the stand B03:24




Allemansrätten – Freedom to roam

One of the best thing with Scandinavia and Lapland is that we have something called “Allemansrätten” or Freedom to roam. When you go along the Arctic Canoe Route you have Sweden on one side of the river and Finland on the other this means that we are allowed to go a shore wherever we want and put up our camp. Allemansrätten also gives us the permission to pick berries och mushrooms. All of this gives us of course also the responsibilty to take care of the nature, animals and peopel working in it so the next person that comes to the area can have the same wounderful experience of a untouched nature that Lapland gives.



Paddeling along the Arctic Canoe Route with the Pallas fells in the back
One of all the rapids along the Arctic Canoe Route
Paddeling along the Arctic Canoe Route