Arctic Canoe Route

Arctic Canoe Route is your paddling organizer in Lapland! Are you just passing by Lapland on your way somewhere else or your big dream is a paddling adventure in Lapland? Well then we are here to help you!
You are welcome if you never been paddling or you been paddling since you could crawl around in the garden, we will make sure to get the best experience possible just for you!

Where does the name Arctic Canoe Route come from?
Arctic Canoe Route is one of our thoughets paddling routes and has a total length of 520 km, the route is following the Könkämä, Muonio and Torne Rivers that together combined is one of the last free floating and clean rivers in Europe. The total lengt of the Arctic Canoe Route is 520 km and it´s divided in to 2 different parts and a total of 11 sections.
The river/route starts at the thundra in Kilpisjärvi where the 3 scandinavian countries Sweden, Finland and Norway meet. The river floats in the north trough total wilderness and continues later south along the Muonio river valleys, smal villages and farming country all the way to the Baltic Sea and the end in Haparanda/Tornio

The river consists of slow and shallow parts and a total of about 100 rapids, everything from easy Class I rapids to the more considerably more advanced Class V rapids.
The idea of Arctic Canoe Route comes from the well known competition ACR that where arranged during the 1980-1990´s on the same river that we will follow.
We want to point out however that the main goal for Arctic Canoe Route is not to arrange competitios.
Our main goal is to get the magnicific river well known again for its clean waters and amazing paddeling opportunities it gives and give people the opportunity to paddel it in a organized and safe way together with our certified guides that have life long experience of the waters. We do recomend that you have some kind of experience of paddling before you paddle the whole 520 km long route!
Our tours will be “all included” that means that we will pick you up at the train station or airport. The 2 guides that you will have during your stay by us will have the all euipment ready for you and also accomondation and breakfast, lunchpackages and dinner for you each day.

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